Pediatric Patients

Pediatric Patients

Good Night Sleep Wellness Center understands the special needs of children. Each of our technologists has received specialized training in conducting pediatric sleep studies. Snoring and sleep apnea in children may be signs of more serious conditions but can often be easily treated. We are confident that we can provide the most accurate, pleasant and compassionate care for even our youngest patients.

Parents are required to stay with their child during overnight testing. Sensors are applied to the body to record brain waves, eye movements, muscle tone, body movements, heart rate and breathing patterns. Audiovisual recordings are also conducted. All procedures are completely painless and children are never restricted from movement.

Older children sleep in a queen size, sleep number, adjustable bed. Cribs are available as needed. Rooms are comfortable, quiet and non-threatening. Children are encouraged to bring personal bedclothes, a favorite pillow or blanket along with DVDs or any other items that may help make their stay more comfortable. Some children typically sleep better or worse when away from home, but this does not usually affect the quality of the sleep study.

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